Bone Grafting for Dental Implants

Dr. Smile More strongly advocates the placement  of dental implants as a therapeutic replacement to missing and failing teeth or dental prostheses because of the many remarkable benefits and advantages that they provide his patients.  Dr. Smile More is also able to help patients with problems that prevent or endanger the initial and long term success of dental implant treatments.  When tooth loss is left untreated for too long or is treated with removable dental prostheses, it can lead to additional oral health problems such as:

  • Shifting or migration of teeth into voids left by lost teeth
  • Periodontal infections such as gingivitis and periodontitis
  • Painful bite from malocclusion
  • Tooth decay
  • Further tooth loss
  • Receding gum tissue
  • Jawbone loss

Fortunately, Dr. Ross is a premier provider of dental implant supported restorations that are designed to completely and permanently replace all of the physical and cosmetic aspects of missing or damaged teeth. If patients do not have strong enough jawbones or sufficient healthy gum tissue then they may not be immediately eligible for treatment with dental implants. Dr. Ross may recommend a dental bone grafting or soft-tissue augmentation procedure to fortify these areas several months prior to the actual placement of dental implants.

How does Bone Grafting Work?

Dr. Ross recommends bone grafting for patients with diminished jawbone structure and density because the jawbone is the foundation of the oral health system. The immediate and long term success of the dental implant treatment relies upon the strong foundation of the patient’s gum tissue and jawbone. During a dental bone grafting surgery, an oral surgeon will utilize bone tissue from another part of the patient’s body and will carefully graft it onto the areas that will receive dental implants. This graft will require several weeks to heal before it will be ready to properly support a dental implant.

It is important that immediately following surgery that great care be taken to protect the implant sites. Chewing sticky or hard foods on bone grafting sites could jeopardize the success of the graft. Dr. Ross will provide detailed post procedure instructions to keep your bone grafts healthy and strong. In the weeks following the bone grafting procedure, a healthy oral hygiene routine should be maintained in order to optimize the success of the overall dental implant treatment available at our Delray Beach, FL office. Developing and maintaining a healthy oral hygiene routine is going to be critical for the long term success of dental implants, so Dr. Ross recommends establishing them early.

If a patient has lost a significant amount of gum tissue and gum tissue is at levels that are below the safe guidelines for dental implants, then Dr. Ross may recommend a soft-tissue graft to help stabilize the area(s) that will be used to install dental implants. Soft tissue grafting utilizes a thin strip of tissue from the roof or palate of the mouth to build up and strengthen areas that are deemed to be deficient by Dr. Ross.  The mouth is a quickly healing area of the body and soft-tissue augmentation procedures are typically accomplished during a routine outpatient procedure several months prior to the dental implant placement procedure.

Contact Dr. Smile More for Dental Implants

If you have one or more missing or failing teeth or if you have been turned away from other dental implant providers because of deficiencies in your gum tissue or jawbone structure, then Dr. Smile More of Delray Beach, FL may be able to help you permanently resolve your dental problems with truly remarkable dental implants.  To learn more about whether you may be a good candidate you’ll need to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ross at our practice.  We also offer a number of payment and financing options for patients to explore when considering their treatment options.  Dr. Ross firmly believes that the future of dentistry firmly lies in dental implant supported restorations, and stand behind this treatment as the most effective and enduring option for teeth replacement.  Contact our office to schedule your own no-obligation dental implant consultation with Dr. Ross at our comfortable and modern Delray Beach, FL location today!