Dental Implants Patient Testimonials | Delray Beach, FL


He is a very knowledgeable dentist. He listens carefully and assesses the patient's needs...I'd go back to him in a heartbeat. He has excellent credentials and has gone to very well respected universities and did his residency at a very good place. He's been in practice 30 years and I did not find any complaint against him with the Florida Dept. of Health, so that's a good way to check on your doc as well. This seems to be a very good dentist and I trust him.

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To learn more about advanced and life-changing dental implants, simply schedule a consultation with the talented Dr. Smile More, DDS. In this consultation, it will be determined whether you are candidate for dental implants and the entire process will be explained. Contact our office for more information and to schedule your consultation. We look forward to working with you and giving you a beautiful, strong new smile!